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Caroline Lee Fritts

2555-A Capitol Drive, Creedmoor, NC 27522

Whether you have lived in North Carolina for many years or you are new, you will love all that NC has to offer. From the mountains to the beaches there is a home for everyone. I have called NC my home my whole life! While I was in college I moved to Raleigh and fell in love with it and the cities surrounding Raleigh. 


When I am home in Johnston County visiting my family I have learned to appreciate the slower pace and the history behind this county,  but I do enjoy getting back to Raleigh. Truly a city where there is always something to do or new places to see!!  I love and appreciate both places for what they are so I moved to a happy medium in between which has allowed me to conveniently serve my clients in all surrounding areas.


In my free time you can find me outside in the the water…. preferably the beach… Carolina Beach to be exact! Being out on the boat by the coast fishing and hanging out with friends and family has made some of my favorite memories that I look forward to every summer. 


Before I found my passion for working in real estate I was a marketing assistant. My past career advanced my marketing knowledge which has helped me be successful for my career in real estate.


My uncle and I were in conversation about real estate one night, he told me I should look into being an agent because of my personality and knowledge. After enough people told me I would be the perfect person for the job, I started my career and haven't looked back since!


My passion for serving others collided with my hobby of looking at homes on real estate websites, which landed me my dream job as a real estate agent.


I am a member of TMLS as well as the Durham Regional Association of Realtors,NC Real Estate Association and National Association of Realtors. I recognize and value the trust that my clients place in me!  Very early on my dad taught me keeping your word is everything which has been instilled in me for years. My friends would describe me as dependable, loyal, and sincere- which feeds into what my clients receive from me. My clients start out as strangers but candidly turn into lifelong friendships.


If you have any questions about buying or selling your home or just need a friend - Call Caroline! I will lead you home...

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